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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Times!

Its been a fun couple of months around here! In February Jared and I took Skye to the dunes with his brothers family.  Bree stayed with my mom because she's not quite old enough to ride the quads and stay out of trouble. Skye got to ride the kid quad around and Jared and I took her on the artic cat a ton.  She was not a big fan of Jared going on the razor backs with her but got use to it after awhile.  Even though we dont have any boys and Skye's the biggest princess ever Jared was excited to do what he loves with his baby girl. ;)



I got to attend the Special Olympics at Bree's preschool.  Bree loved doing all the stations and was getting along with all of her classmates. The school Bree goes to is for special needs kids and alot of the students are in wheelchairs or have some kind of disability.  I know Bree is only there for her speech and doesn't have a major disibility but I'm so glad she got to be apart of such a wonderful program.  Seeing the kids having a blast no matter what disability they had was amazing to be apart of.  She even got a cool trophy at the end.






Bree also went on her first field trip to a farm. Skye didn't have preschool that day so she was able to come with us. I can't remember what the name of the farm was called but I know it was mostly had cows.  Skye and Bree got to pet a chicken, feed a goat, climb on a tractor and at the end eat icecream that was made from the cows milk we just saw.







Bree's preschool class
It's been a fun couple of months but what makes it even more busy and fun for me is that I'm the assistant coach of the 9th grade softball team at Mesa High School. I've been asked the last couple of years to help coach softball but it just never worked out with my kids and my schedule.  I wasn't even going to coach this year because when I was asked I was pregnant at the time and not feeling good and I didn't want to stress me or my baby out so I said no.  But after losing the baby and talking with Jared we decided that coaching would be a really good thing for me to do this year.  So, I told them I would. And we were right It's been a good thing for me to help girls with something I've played all my life and love doing.  It's so weird coaching at the high school I played at but it is way fun.  Even though we have lost every game we played so far we have the funnest girls who try their hardest. I don't know where I'll be at next year but I'm happy I decided to coach this year.

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Tanner ♥ Chaya said...

Fun! I'm a little jealous you get to play softball everyday. I miss high school softball. Sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun!