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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bree turns 3!

Yesterday Bree turned 3! What can I say about the Breebers!?! Mother like daughter! ;) She has definitely kept me on my toes since she was born. Bree is very stubborn and wants to do things on her own time and only if its her idea. She is a leader thats for sure and won't be bossed around by anyone. I love this about her!  Bree loves putting on necklaces, makeup, rings, a princess dress, etc... Another girly girl thats for sure but a fiesty one at that. Bree is my good eater which is a big deal around my house because Skye and I are both really picky so its nice that Bree can eat just about anything. Even though she is fiesty and stubborn she is a sweet little girl. Bree loves her sister and wants to be around her 24/7. Bree even yells at me to be nice when I put Skye in timeout. Shes got her sisters back! I love my baby girl! Happy Birthday Bree!!!

Not only was it Bree's birthday yesterday she also started preschool.  She goes to the same preschool Skye use to go to...EMECEC. Bree doesn't talk very well for her age at all.  I'm really the only person who can understand her and I can only understand 75% of what she says. Its not really words that she says its more like sounds. It's really frustrating so we decided to get her evaluated and the teachers also confirmed that she needs extra help for her speech. I don't know why I have bad talkers but I'm really happy that they have a school for Bree to help her get where she's supposed to for her age.  She loved her first day! We got her a Minnie Mouse backpack for her birthday and she was so excited to wear it to school. Now I have both of my kids in preschool 3 days a week.... Now what am I gonna do with myself??

1 holla backs:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is 3! I love your girls and their blonde hair. I love hearing about her spunky personality- I bet it keeps you guys laughing :). And I'm glad she got into school- hopefully it helps!